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Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup

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Vegetable Soup Recipe

Preptime: 27 Minutes Cooktime: 40 Minutes Serve: 3 Persons Nutrition: 206 calories.

To make vegetable soup you only need 17 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

The ingredients needed to prepare vegetable soup :

  1. Provide Option: I normally start out with 1 large can or bottle of V8 juice… fill the can or bottle with water and mix in 5-7 quart pot
  2. Prepare This time I did not have any V8 juice. I used one 24 ounce of crushed tomatoes, filling the can four times with water. Added to pot
  3. Use While the liquids are cooking on low heat. Prep:
  4. Provide 5-6 Medium potatoes, peeled and cut into large bite size pieces
  5. Provide 5/6 large carrots cleaned and cut into large bite size pieces
  6. Prepare 1-2 large bell peppers cleans a cut into large bite size
  7. Take 2-3 large sweet onions roughly chopped
  8. Take I save celery tops with leaves, I tossed in three for flavor
  9. You need 3-5 fresh Cloves minced garlic
  10. Provide 8 Roma tomatoes peeled and quartered, 1 pint of yellow and red grape tomatoes
  11. Take White cabbage roughly chopped
  12. Prepare I add enough Raw sugar to cut the tartness. (I do not like tart)
  13. Use I add 2-16 ounce bags of Small cut frozen vegetables to make up for peas, adding more carrots, green beans etc.. I like lots of vegetables
  14. Use Seasonings I use my favorites. Feel free to use what you like
  15. You need I do not measure : dash of celery seed, cumin, paprika, Salt, onion powder, Roasted Garlic powder, dash of cinnamon (this cuts acidity)
  16. Take Dash Nutmeg, I like lots of fresh ground pepper and kosher salt to taste
  17. You need Dried : Pinch of : basil, oregano, 2-3 bay leaves, Italian,

Steps to make Vegetable Soup :

  1. Sometime I cook in slow cooker all day. This time I cooked on top of the stove, on low all day.
  2. Taste carefully, adjust to your taste
  3. Allow to cook at least 4-6 hours on low or until carrots and potatoes are tender.
  4. The great things about recipes, you can add what you like, take away what you do not like. Adjust to your liking and enjoy
  5. Sometimes I can my soups. Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹

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