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Quick and Easy Creamy Corn Soup
Quick and Easy Creamy Corn Soup

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Quick and Easy Creamy Corn Soup Recipe

Preptime: 30 Minutes Cooktime: 58 Minutes Serve: 2 Persons Nutrition: 229 calories.

To make quick and easy creamy corn soup you only need 8 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you do that.

The ingredients needed to prepare quick and easy creamy corn soup :

  1. Prepare 1 can Canned creamed corn with corn kernels
  2. You need 40 grams Cake flour
  3. You need 40 grams Butter
  4. Take 400 ml Milk
  5. You need 200 ml Water
  6. Provide 2 Consomme stock cubes
  7. Use 1 Salt and pepper
  8. Get 50 ml Heavy cream (or whipping cream)

Steps to make Quick and Easy Creamy Corn Soup :

  1. Melt butter in a pot without scorching over very low heat, add cake flour, and mix well with a whisk. The mixture is thick at the beginning, but after mixing for 3 ~ 4 minutes over heat, it becomes smooth. Then go to Step 2.
  2. Add milk to the pot in Step 1 little by little while constantly mixing. When you add the milk, the mixture will harden each time, but make sure you mix well with a whisk. When it's no longer lumpy, add the remaining milk, then the water, consomme cubes, and canned corn. Simmer while mixing occasionally.
  3. When it starts to boil and the mixture is thickened, adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Turn off the heat, pour heavy cream in at the end, mix, then it's done. It's a creamy and smooth creamed corn soup.
  4. When the mixture is too thicken or when you are warming up the soup, add milk to dilute.

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