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Recipe: Yummy Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes. Cornmeal-coated green tomato slices are fried until crisp and golden. They're perfect as a southern appetizer or for a unique take on a classic B. Reviews for: Photos of Easy Southern Fried Green Tomatoes.

Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes These fried green tomatoes are fantastic with a little Tabasco sauce or remoulade. All photos and content are copyright protected. White corn meal is key though. You can have Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. Prepare of Firm, rinsed green tomatoes.
  2. It’s of Andy's vegetable seasoning.
  3. You need of Cooking oil of your choice.

First time I've ever made fried green tomatoes and my family loved them! A simple and delicious recipe for fried green tomatoes. Place in a medium bowl and cover with the buttermilk and the jalapeño jam. Learn to make easy southern fried green tomatoes from Fannie Flagg's Original Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook.

Beautifuldesign's Easy Fried Green Tomatoes instructions

  1. Slice tomatoes to your desired thickness..
  2. Preheat cooking oil to 375 degrees in skillet or deep fryer. In a skillet, use enough oil to cover the bottom & then some..
  3. Pour vegetable seasoning in a bowl & coat tomatoes with seasoning and let sit for a few minutes then place in fryer. Let cook to your desired doneness. For skillet use, if you use less oil then turn the tomatoes over for even cooking..
  4. Remove from skillet or fryer & drain any excess oil.
  5. Let cool for a moment & serve with your choice of sauce. I use Ranch dressing or Remoulade sauce. Enjoy!.

Recently, I rented the movie Fried Green Tomatoes on iTunes. Make delicious, classic Southern Fried Green Tomatoes fast with this easy recipe! Crispy on the outside and tender in the middle, these Fried Green Tomatoes are addictive! Serve them as an appetizer, a party snack or make them the main attraction piled high on. No serving of fried green tomatoes is complete without a dipping sauce, the best of which is a variation of French remoulade sauce — a pale pink sauce consisting of mayonnaise, mustard, lemon, hot sauce, and seasonings.

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